Choose your Quality Earrings and Necklace Set

Buying jewelry may be tasking at times. Wearing the right jewelry makes you feel great on that special occasion. Right? At Crystal Clear Jewel we have a great collection of earring and necklace set that you will love. You can find your ideal earring and necklace set for each outfit in your wardrobe as well as for every occasion. You will see many varying colors, styles, and patterns that are elegant, classy and lovely.

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The Online Jewelry Store to Enhance your Looks

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The Art of Layering bracelets For Women

Jewelry is not just an accessory, it is who you are. Garance Dore put it perfectly when she said, “Jewelry is a very personal thing, it should tell a story about who is wearing it” and this applies to bracelets for women. Bracelets are transformative, they show your sense of style and fashion taste.

Therefore, you must carefully choose your bracelets for women and use them appropriately. The wrong use of bracelets (especially with watches) tells a wrong story. To master the art of layering bracelets for women with watches, you begin by mastering the types of bracelets and what they stand for. From beads to rope bracelets, hand-stamped, chain, bohemian, essential oil, the list goes on. Take some time to learn about the types of bracelets, and it will inform your choice the next time you shop for bracelets.

The most important tip here is to always consider the size of the bracelet you are layering with a watch. Normally, you should wear your wristwatch in your dominant hand and bracelet on the other hand. But if you must layer, then the bracelet must only complement the watch. Yes, the bracelet’s role is supportive, but it mustn’t steal the show or shine.

The Best Gift For Her Could be a Sparkle Jewelry Set

Do you love that sparkling shine you see on her earrings when she turns the side of her face against you as her hair brushes through? Have you ever wondered why some pendants do not even sparkle the same way? Let me let you in on my little secret – the sparkle jewelry set. With a technology so simple yet magnificent, you are able to enjoy the view as your jewelry exhumes the beauty of the light rays shining upon it.

A sparkle jewelry set comes in variety of colors and depends on the consumer’s preference. However, I went for my best color which was a silver-plated set of a necklace, pendant and earrings. Oh, it is such a beautiful sight to behold. The jewelry pieces are elegant and sexy. As I carefully examined the necklace, it was pretty obvious that the makers crafted it from high grade Rivoli crystals and symmetrically arranged scrolls of rhinestones. The earrings had the sparkly stones neatly placed at the bottom center.

With a sparkle jewelry set like mine, I am pretty confident of my appearance at any occasion. I think it is also a perfect gift for any lady that loves jewelry.

The Timex Expedition Watch Takes Me From The City To Nature

I have realized just how nice it is to have a good watch to wear that I can have with me whether I am taking on the trails or the city. I finally got a good watch that can keep up with me. It is a Timex watch and it is durable for the country, yet sleek for the city. The watch has a luxurious design and it is a watch that you aren’t going to miss seeing on my wrist.

Having some exquisite style with this watch has been great. The face is beautiful and it is very functional as well. The watch is great for wearing to work and for wearing when going out alike. I love that the watch is water-resistant too, so I don’t have to be scared of things getting a little bit muddy when I am out on the trails or hiking across a stream.

The Timex Expedition watch has been an awesome way for me to stay on top of my schedule whether I am enjoying a mountain hike or just taking a stroll along the waterfront area of my neighborhood. I feel like I am ready for the day as soon as I put this watch on. It is a must to get my mornings started the right way.

Leather Watches For Men Make An Awesome Gift For My Brother

My brother is always wearing a watch and he has been wearing a watch for as long as I can remember. He loves to wear watches and he is never without his trusty watch. I knew that getting him a nice new watch would be the perfect gift for him. The one that I got for him online will be an awesome find for his daily needs.

The awesome thing about the watch is that it is great for the trail and for the office alike. The watch has a nice rugged design yet it still has that sleek elegance that makes it a great watch to pair with your office attire. I wanted to get my brother a watch that was a stand-out find and I know that he will love the one that I got for him.

With leather watches for men online, I was able to get my brother the ideal gift for his birthday. The watch that I got for him will be a nice surprise and I can’t wait to see the look on his face when he gets it. The watch has a nice brown leather strap and it is great for taking with you on the trail or into the city. My brother is an avid outdoorsman and he will love the watch for sure.

Shopping Necklaces And Pendants For Summer Sparkle

I have been so excited to get some summer sparkle going with some pretty jewelry that I have been enjoying finding online. Finding the right jewelry pieces is essential for putting a nice outfit together and I have been so excited to get the perfect pieces to go with my summertime dresses and my shorts and cute tops.

I love to wear some necklaces and some pretty pendants especially. A pendant necklace can be paired with so many different tops that have different necklines. I got a new pendant necklace recently that has looked awesome with some of my high-neck sleeveless tops. I love to wear pendant necklaces with any kind of a higher neckline as a nice contrast to balance the neckline out.

Shopping for necklaces and pendants online is one of my favorite things to do and I can’t wait to have some stylish new pieces to wear. I saw an angel wings studded necklace that immediately caught my eye and I just have to have this piece, it doesn’t cost a lot of money at all. The wings on the necklace are so cool and they have that stand-out look to them. It will be awesome to take my style up a notch with the necklace.

Quick Tips To Buying Mens Watches Online

In need of a perfect gift for that special man in your life? How about a men’s watch? No need to take a trip down to the mall when you can just as easily and quite conveniently purchase mens watches online at the comfort of your own home any time you want. To help you make a wise purchase, here’s a couple of handy tips you can refer to.

Start by finding out what type of watch your special someone prefers so you know what mens watches online to look for. But if you’re out of ideas then it helps to know that there’s a wide selection of men’s wrist watches available for you to choose from. There are sports watches, diver watches, mechanical watches, digital watches, military watches and a whole lot more. Next, set a budget. Determine how much you’re willing to spend. Are you ready to splurge on luxury brands or choose somewhere along the budget-friendly price range? Again, the options are plenty and you won’t have much trouble finding a quality-made watch that won’t break the bank.

After deciding on those two important points comes the part where you need to figure out the color and other special features that will give you value for your money. Lastly, find a reliable online shop with a good selection of mens watches online, and which can make your purchasing process secure, fast, and easy.

Steal The Show With Caviar Earrings

Feel empowered and look like it with caviar earrings. This designer style ear jewelry is known for its elegant caviar pattern and exquisite design. Caviar earrings are a testament to expert jewelry craftsmanship, something you can be proud of to possess and put on.

Complete your jewelry collection and elevate the value of the whole lot by getting your very own caviar earrings. Perfect for any outfit, dress up or down, a caviar pair will give you the confidence to feel strong and beautiful inside and out – exactly how stunning jewelry should make you feel. As to making your purchase, caviar earrings come in different makes, styles, materials, sizes, and designs. We’ll leave it up to you to decide which pair appeals to your fancy and which among the wide selections do you think you’d be most comfortable wearing.

You can always order custom-made caviar earrings if you want a more personalized pair. Other than that, you should find it easy to hunt the best style, size, and make for yourself. Just remember to make your purchase at reputable stores so you know you’re bringing home quality-made jewelry that you can wear and use for a long time. Who knows, you might even pass it on to a loved one in the future.

A Touch of Classic: Monogram Pendants

Like diamonds, jewelry is forever, and forever they will remain a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. Another essential that can elevate elegance and complement your personal style are monogram pendants – classic, exquisite additions that can give a touch of delicate beauty to any outfit.

Monogram pendants are made from different precious materials, and pretty much like the best necklace chains, they either come in silver or gold. You can choose whether to get simple monographs to exude understated elegance or pick elaborately made pendants to hint timeless and intricate design. Not just a great addition to your jewelry collection, monogram pendants also make perfect gifts for that special someone in your life. The gift and gesture show thoughtfulness and care for your loved one, especially on special occasions like birthdays and weddings, as well as important milestones including anniversaries and graduations.

Another great thing about monogram pendants is that there’s no limit to however you want to style it. Yes, primarily elegant and classic and timeless, but there’s no stopping your fashion sense if you want to add a bit of playfulness to your jewelry. After all, you can always go back to enjoy the monogram pendant’s elegant appeal whenever you wish to.